Join the fast track!

Tertiary to Work Fast Track Program

Want to get a head start on securing your vacation or graduate job?

Major sponsors of Tertiary to Work are interested in receiving resumes from students prior to the event.

If you would like to connect with any of the major sponsors, submit your resume and if selected, you may be personally contacted by the organisation.

Major sponsors and eligibility criteria will be announced in early Feb, 2022.

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Application Information

Steps to apply:

  1. Research the sponsors to see which ones are a good match for your career goals

  2. Check the eligibility criteria for each organisation.

  3. Put together a great resume that highlights your skills and experience.

  4. Upload your resume and indicate which organisation/s you are interested (information on where to do this will be shared in early february, 2022)

If you are applying to more than one sponsor and would like to tailor your resume to each, please upload each resume as a new submission.

By submitting your application for this opportunity, you acknowledge and accept that your resume (and therefore your personal contact details) may be forwarded to sponsors of the Tertiary to Work 2022 event.