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The Leader's Lounge is on hold in 2021. This year opportunities to connect one on one with employers will look a little different, check back soon to find out more!   

The Leader's Lounge

The Leader’s Lounge offers you the opportunity to meet TTW sponsors in a closed venue on the morning of the Tertiary to Work Careers Fair. It is an opportunity to engage with employers about their organisations and opportunities. It is a form of professional development and a networking opportunity that can help you make a great first impression. The Leader's Lounge is not a job as such but an opportunity to engage with top employers. Participation does not guarantee you a spot in one of these employers' Graduate Programs or other opportunities.

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Event Details - returning in 2022


As part of the Leader’s Lounge you’ll gain access to:

  • Networking skills workshop to prepare you for the event;

  • The opportunity to meet with our Tertiary to Work Sponsors;

  • An assessment activity with our Sponsors and feedback direct from the employers, and

  • Networking time with our Sponsors.

Application Information

To apply for this opportunity please make sure that you submit the following 

  • Completed application form

  • Resume

  • A brief expression of interest (300 words) introducing yourself and detailing why you want to be a part of the Leader's Lounge.

Send your application to:

Our sponsors are seeking applications from students studying:

  • Accounting

  • Business Administration

  • Economics

  • Commerce

  • Finance

  • STEM

  • Information Technology


Students from all disciplines, including those not mentioned above, are encouraged to submit an application for consideration. Employers are looking for students with important, transferable skills (such as critical thinking, communication and analysis) and, as such, value students from a range of backgrounds and disciplines.

Please note: Applications for this opportunity will only be accepted from those with Australian residency or a valid work permit.

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